Engineering Computer Science And Engineering Linux Questions and Answers Basic Linux MCQ Section-12

A user does a chmod operation on a file. Which of the following is true?


If the umask value is 0002. what will be the permissions of new directory

What is the command to set the execute permissions to all the files and subdirectories within the directory /home/user1/direct

The permission -rwxr-xr-t represented in octal expression will be

With a umask value of 112, what is the default permission assigned to newly created regular file?

Which command is used to assign read-write permission to the owner?

Given the command $ chmod o-w datafile

Which of these commands will set the permissions on file textfile to read and write for the owner, read for the group, and nothing for everyone else?

If you are a root user, how can you grand execute permission only for the owner of the file project1?

A user executes the following command successfully: $ chmod +x file1.txt Which of the following is true of the output of this command?