English Sentence Completion section 12

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “Sentence completion” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

The swimmer’s back injury ______ his prospects for a gold medal at the world championship competition.

Explanation: Jeopardize (v.) means to put in jeopardy or at risk; a hazard or danger.


As Ramiro strolled through his old neighborhood, he noticed sounds and smells that were ______ of his childhood.

Explanation: Reminiscent (adj.) means calling to mind or remembering.

Lynette had to learn the ______ of the insurance profession before she felt comfortable describing products to her clients.

Explanation: Lexicon (n.) is the vocabulary used in a language, profession, class, or subject.

Marta had to pay off her ______ to the credit card company before she could get a mortgage.

Explanation: Liability (n.) is a debt or obligation; something for which one is liable.

The local high school issued a ______ on field trips until the bus was repaired; then traveling could begin again.

Explanation: Moratorium (n.) is a temporary suspension or postponement of a planned activity

With Justine’s ______ nature and passion for art, she would make an excellent tour guide for the museum.

Explanation: Congenial (adj.) means having a friendly or pleasant disposition, sociable; having similar tastes, habits, or temperament; suitable to one’s needs or nature.

Patrice was a(n) ______ girl when she was teenager—long-limbed and constantly tripping over her own feet.

Explanation: Ungainly (adj.) means clumsy or awkward.

The employee’s claim of being out with the flu did not seem very ______ because he returned from sick leave with a deep tan.

Explanation: Plausible (adj.) means apparently worthy of belief or praise.

The con man used his ______ to convince the elderly woman to sign over her life savings to him.

Explanation: Wile (n.) means an act or a means of cunning deception.

Mike proved to be ______ throw after throw, hitting the carnival dart game’s bull’s eye every time.

Explanation: Infallible (adj.) means not fallible; completely trustworthy; certain.