English Sentence Completion section 10

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “Sentence completion” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

When Arnold’s grandmother began to complain about the excruciating pain in her knees and legs, she was referred to an ______ specialist for a diagnosis.

Explanation: Osteopathic (adj.) means a system of medicine pertaining to the bone and skeletal system.


Charlie’s ______ behavior made it clear that he had been highly educated in matters of etiquette.

Explanation: Decorous (adj.) means characterized by good taste in manners and conduct, exhibiting propriety or decorum, proper

Staring at the ______ crystal blue water of the sea, Eileen thought she had never seen anything so beautiful.

Explanation: Pristine (adj.) means pure, fresh and clean, as if new; original or primitive

Wearing the designer’s latest fashions, the ______ clothing model sashayed down the runway.

Explanation: Jaunty (adj.) means sprightly in manner; stylish or smart in dress.

Given his ______ nature, it was appropriate that he decided to be a trial lawyer after law school.

Explanation: Litigious (adj.) means inclined to disagree or dispute, especially in lawsuits; argumentative

After her relationship ended, Patty, feeling ______, insisted on playing sad love songs repeatedly.

Explanation: Mawkish (adj.) means characterized by excessive sentimentality; overly emotional.

Sanji went abroad as a ______ young man; when he returned two years later, he seemed like an experienced man of the world.

Explanation: Callow (adj.) means lacking maturity or experience; immature, naïve.

Normally distinguished and reserved, Robert would act ______ when he joined his friends to cheer for their old high school team at annual the homecoming game.

Explanation: Oafish (adj.) means acting stupid, goofy, or clumsy.

The protesters were concerned that the proposed legislation would have a(n) ______ effect on the state’s nature preserves.

Explanation: Deleterious (adj.) means having a harmful or adverse effect; destructive, hurtful, noxious

Not swayed by his student’s ______ flattery, the professor told him that his grade would not be changed.

Explanation: Unctuous (adj.) means characterized by insincere earnestness; oily or fatty in appearance