English Sentence Completion section 9

This is the verbal ability questions and answers section on “Sentence completion” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

Henley’s ______ remarks about my presentation did not bother me because I knew I’d done a good job.

Explanation: Derogatory (adj.) means tending to lessen in value, to detract or diminish; disparaging, belittling, injurious.


Eels swim using a rapid ______ motion that propels them through the water.

Explanation: Undulating (adj.) means characterized by a wavelike motion

Sick and tired of her boring job, Cecilia began to ______ what it would be like to quit.

Explanation: To ponder (v.) is to weigh carefully in the mind.

The way my father likes to ______with any salesperson to see if he can bargain for a lower price is embarrassing.

Explanation: To wrangle (v.) means to bicker, dispute, create a noisy argument.

The ______ construction crew built large new buildings all over the East Coast, wherever the demand for qualified workers took them.

Explanation: Itinerant (adj.) means traveling from one place to another, usually on a planned course; working in one place for a short while before moving onto another place to work; wandering.

The CEO’s large expense accounts proved she was a ______ spender with the company’s money.

Explanation: Liberal (adj.) means characterized by generosity or a willingness to give freely in large amounts; untraditional or broad-minded in beliefs.

Daniela found the unchanging rhythm of the musical piece to be annoyingly ______.

Explanation: Monotonous (adj.) means tediously lacking in variety; unvarying; repetitious.

The young, thin boy surprised his wrestling opponent with his ______ strength.

Explanation: Wiry (adj.) means thin, but tough and sinewy.

The new actress’s talents were severely ______ by the local critics; she went on to be a distinguished member of a well-respected acting company.

Explanation: Underrated (adj.) means undervalued.

To hide his insecurity, Barton often acted like a ______ so that he could make people laugh.

Explanation: A buffoon (n.) is a ludicrous or bumbling person, a fool; someone given to clowning and amusing others through ridiculous behavior; a clown or jester.