Logical Reasoning Essential Part Section-3

Directions to Solve
A good way to approach this type of question is to use the following sentence: “A ______ could not exist without ______.”. Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.


An itinerary is a proposed route of a journey. A map (choice a) is not necessary to have a planned route. Travel (choice c) is usually the outcome of an itinerary, but not always. A guidebook (choice d) may be used to plan the journey but is not essential.


An orchestra is a large group of musicians, so musicians are essential. Although many orchestras have violin sections, violins aren't essential to an orchestra (choice a). Neither a stage (choice b) nor a soloist (choice d) is necessary.


A facsimile must involve an image of some sort. The image or facsimile need not, however, be a picture (choice a). A mimeograph and a copier machine (choices c and d) are just a two of the ways that images may be produced, so they do not qualify as the essential element for this item.


Provisions imply the general supplies needed, so choice b is the essential element. The other choices are byproducts, but they are not essential.


Sustenance is something, especially food, that sustains life or health, so nourishment is the essential element.Water and grains (choices b and c) are components of nourishment, but other things can be taken in as well. A menu (choice d) may present a list of foods, but it is not essential to sustenance.


An infirmary is a place that takes care of the infirm, sick, or injured.Without patients, there is no infirmary. Surgery (choice a) may not be required for patients. A disease (choice b) is not necessary because the infirmary may only see patients with injuries. A receptionist (choice d) would be helpful but not essential.


A purchase is an acquisition of something. A purchase may be made by trade (choice a) or with money (choice b), so those are not essential elements. A bank (choice c) may or may not be involved in a purchase.


A dimension is a measure of spatial content. A compass (choice a) and ruler (choice b) may help determine the dimension, but other instruments may also be used, so these are not the essential element here. An inch (choice c) is only one way to determine a dimension.


A wedding results in a joining, or a marriage, so choice d is the essential element. Love (choice a) usually precedes a wedding, but it is not essential. A wedding may take place anywhere, so a church (choice b) is not required. A ring (choice c) is often used in a wedding, but it is not necessary.


A faculty consists of a group of teachers and cannot exist without them. The faculty may work in buildings (choice a), but the buildings aren't essential. They may use textbooks (choice b) and attend meetings (choice d), but these aren't essential either.